Hello from Kyle Walcott Photography !

Coming close to Christmas 2016 as I was doing my mandatory-because-I-live-in-a-Caribbean-home cleaning I took out that folder of super duper important documents that we all have and decided to go through it since I hadn’t in awhile. In it was my little yellow laminated certificate of business registration. It stated that Kyle Walcott Photography was registered on March 5th, 2012 and in that moment I was taken back to just how proud I felt when I received it for the first time while wearing my Bishop’s High School Tobago uniform that afternoon. As the nostalgia subsided I started to ponder, how much has changed in the last 5 years? How much has my photography grown and more importantly how much have I grown? In what feels like a lifetime I’ve managed to work with and learn from talented persons in my own industry, as well as a few obscure job specs I would never have thought, could make a comfortable living. I realised that all these persons in the very least helped to thin the fog of youth and show me more of the path I wanted to follow, and at the most, made the journey a lot easier and even exciting through the good and the bad.

This all summed itself up in my mind as I NEED TO REBRAND. Granted, it’s not the first time that I had the idea and I didn’t really have a brand, to begin with, besides the ‘logo’ that I came up with in photoshop some night that same year and a Facebook page that would see more sporadic use than a fire extinguisher. I mean I was shooting, working, learning, keeping records, doing (almost) all the things that I thought you’re supposed to do with a photography business but I wasn’t feeling the results.

Cut to Boxing Day while working on a family project with my friend Terrel,  I thought, “wait...Terrel is a graphic designer, I’ve known him since I was an eager private in the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force and his dad was the battalion quartermaster...I’ll ask him.” As if familiarity wasn’t enough I’d been lurking and loving his minimalist aesthetic for quite a while and was sure that he’d produce something I’d be happy with. So now you’re thinking Boxing Day...March 5th, a solid 3 months to construct a solid plan and execute slowly (HA), it turned into more of a month of him waiting for resources and me running around shooting Carnival events, luckily we anticipated as much. In the midst of all the excitement of Carnival 2017, I had to set aside a little time every day to make sure that the schedule was kept and that everything else, like the website, was getting done. (thanks, Squarespace) By the time we started march I had first sketches and fielded the opinions of my small circle, I mean I liked it, but I tend to like weird things so I needed some reassurances. On the 5th the moment of truth came, the site went life, the post was made and the new logo and all that would come with it was revealed.

Now, this is by no means the end of the story, in fact, it’s just the beginning, I feel as if I’ve just hit refresh on my dreams, ambitions and my commitment to the things I create. As the year goes on I’ll be rolling out new work, concepts and trying as many new techniques as I can find. I’ll be making it a point to collaborate as often as I can and work on as many unusual projects as I can find.

This year, the aim is consistency and progress, so we ask that you keep in touch, check in because we have a lot more in store!